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Soul Chats

Typically 45 mins to an hour, Soul Chats are a comfortable space for when you need a peer to listen to those things that are hard or painful to talk about.

Soul Tribe Sessions

Sometimes people can get lost and it isn’t until we are lost that then we find new meanings to life.’s Soul Tribe Sessions transform the art of sharing by bringing together diverse women who fearlessly share personal issues in a group setting.

Yoni Mappin'

Our Yoni (sacred space in Sanskrit) is the source of divine female energy.  In Hindu societies, the female genitals are a sacred symbol for the goddess Shakti. Within our genitals, we house our sexual and creative energy. Our yoni is the force of creation lives in our wombs, the source of all.


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Words From The Tribe

"I benefited from a Soul Tribe Session because not only did I feel safe but I also felt understood. Ghislaine created a high vibrational space where I felt that all the women had my back and I didn't need to hesitate to cry on someone's shoulder."

"Knowing that I am not alone truly made me feel supported. you often don't realize everyone deals with their own battles. just to feel part of a family. Everyone in that room wants love, freedom, prosperity and that's beautiful."



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