Fear Eats The Soul Exhibit by Rirkrit Tiravanija

Do we really challenge ourselves to be original or does fear eat the soul? I came cross this exhibition while doing an online search for events last month. "How could I not make this my first post" were the first thoughts that came to my mind.  I was able to visit this non-conventional exhibit by Rirkrit Tiravanija. The exhibition was at the Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, an open gallery where the windows and doors were all removed. Looked like a warehouse with no doors. Weird? Yea I know. The exhibition had references to the 1974 love story “Fear Eats The Soul” and Andy Warhol’s pop pieces.  In the door-less exhibition, there was a wooden room with glass windows that resembled a t-shirt factory where one could of purchased a t-shirt with political slogans by the artist.  I thought that this dynamic was really cool.

So lets digest this statement: Fear. Eats. The. Soul. In other words, insecurities weaken your spiritual energies.  Fear is entrapment, its confinement, it’s mental restrictions. It’s an emotion that I believe is present to make us or break us.  I have a profound respect for past generations because they didn’t have the number of documented creative artists, nor did they have the technology to satisfy the curiosity of people abroad.

Today, almost everything creative is derived from a previous inspiration or connection. Today, everything is highly criticized.  As recent as a few decades ago, society wasn’t so critical. Quite frankly, no one gave a f*^#.

Don’t let fear strike you out from playing the game.

Tiravanija is the winner of the 2010 Absolut Art Award and the 2005 Hugo Boss Prize awarded by the Guggenheim Museum. Tiravanija was also awarded the Benesse by the Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum in Japan and the Smithsonian American Art Museum's Lucelia Artist Award