I turned 23 a few weeks ago and a very special person gave me a unique birthday card. It's message was so profound, different from any card I had ever received. Now that I have my site to share inspirations, I figured I'd share it with you all. Soon, I'm going to google the card, the author has a warm mind. MESSAGE:

We didn't come here to fit in.

We came here to be who we are.

We didn't come here to work.

We came here to live our dreams.

We didn't come here for the stuff.

We came here to love each other.

We didn't come here by each other.

We didn't come here by accident.

We each came here with a purpose that is uniquely our own.






Happy Birthday

We should celebrate each day as if it's our earth day. Thankful for all the positive energy that's around me, and glad to be self-aware of the energies that surround me.