Mind x Prayer







Lately I've been thinking about the design of prayer, it's purpose in life, and the effect that is has in our minds and our lives. Growing up Catholic, prayer was my direct relationship with God. It was my connection with this invisible, omnipotent individual. Today, I don't belong to a religion, but I do have a relationship with a higher being. I pray and like a manager overseeing a business, I manage my thoughts. My understanding of prayer has changed a lot as I've grown, expanded, and explored other belief systems. The break down of prayer: the interaction of our subconscious and conscious levels of the mind directed towards a goal. Prayer works with the universal laws of attraction. We are co-creators of our lives and with affirmative prayer we change our thoughts and intentions, that thus bring forth those affirmations. You must ask believing, seek with an already established mental image, and knock with complete confidence. Ask. Seek. Knock.

Ghislaine LeonComment