I'm feisty by nature. Not just because I'm a Latina, or because I'm short (the stereotypes that I've been told the most) but because I'm impatient and I have a strong character.  Many of us get angry about certain things. Sometimes too small of thing, but they still bother us and we acknowledge that.  I respect anyone's feelings towards any situation, and I always hope for others to do the same. But I must admit that at times, I can overreact. When I'm annoyed it's like a bomb ticks off in my mouth. Which is the most case with most of us (and I'm from New York lol). We all wish things could move faster, and sometimes we throw patience out the window. Yet, patience is such an important player in success.

I've made it a priority to work on my patience. I've had way too much anxiety for my own good lately;  and my anxiety is BAD.  Those that know me could attest to this. This week I've made the effort to work more on my patience and my anxiety. Here are some patience improvement tips:

1. Lower your expectations

2. Pick your battles

3. Become more aware of your impulses (tally them if you need to)

4. Figure out your triggers (focus on the ones that happen the most)

5. When you feel it coming take a DEEP BREATH (and another, and another)

6. Remember what's IMPORTANT in every situation

7. Laugh (works for me when I can't control things)


"Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience" --Ralph Waldo Emerson

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