Strong Sexual Atmosphere + Success


What’s the most powerful reflex point on the human body?

Answer = sexual organs. Once these babies are stimulated, the whole body becomes alive (organs + glands). These organs direct what we call sexual energy. The human is the only animal who has the ability to direct sexual energy with his or her imagination, whenever desired.  Some repress it, some use it in abusive/negative ways, and others overindulge.

With the right guidance, sexual energy can be a box of jewels, joy, bliss and passion. This energy can be a tool to create and maintain optimum health & vitality. The vibrations of our minds are consistently activated by different types of stimuli.  The mind responds quickly to music, fear, jealousy, drugs, and alcohol, among other things. Yet, the most intense stimulus is the desire to express sexual energy. When combined with love, sexual energy is the most powerful stimulus of all.

Male and female energies of nature are always moving toward balance. Like humans, nature is interactive and full of sexual energy. The rain penetrates the earth, rivers embrace rocks, and all of the sunshine is absorbed in the womb of the earth which gives light to all life.  Sexual energy is a factor in every equation.

I once saw a documentary on popular culture in the U.K. during the 1960’s. The doc covered British model Jean Shrimpton and her relationship with English photographer David Bailey. Their relationships strong sexual tension led Bailey to produce some of his best work, impacting the fashion photography world forever. During this period, they both rose in popularity and eventually became icons.


Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey's relationship is one that people still refer to when speaking about transferring sexual tension into productive energy. Their success together was due to their balanced sexual energy. She became his muse and  he was able to carry out his vision of unconventional fashion photography (at the time at least) with Jean.  As Britain redefined its cool, the world turned to look at his photography.

Here's some of David Bailey's game changing photos of Jean Shrimpton:

jean-shrimpton-david-bailey-60s jean-shrimpton-photographed-by-david-bailey


Realize when sexual energy can be used towards other efforts.When you find that balance, that ability to transfer your connection with a partner, there's no stopping you. Still waiting for mines and so excited at the thought of it.