Heart of Leon: DJ Fadelf


Meet the versatile DJ Fadelf. Model. Entrepreneur. Songwriter. Photographer. I had the chance to catch up with him and interview him for my site. He's worked with a number of A-list celebrities and organizations. Really cool dude. Here's a brief of my Q&A with him.

FL: What separates you from other DJ’s?

DJ FADELF: It has nothing to do with the art or the craft of djing. I think I set myself a part behind the scenes, my humbleness, my character, my honesty and my lust for the art of djing. I would be doing this no matter what. Even if it didn’t exist anymore I would still be doing it.  Your gift will get you there, but your character will keep you. Over time, my character set me apart.


FL: I know that you're a song writer. Where do you write songs best?

DJ FADELF: My car. That’s when it seems to always come to me. I never really chose to sit down and say "I want to write a song". I honestly feel like that is a gift in itself. I’ll play a song that I like, and I’ll write on top of the person's voice, because I like the beat,  but I'll take them off and put myself on it just to have a tempo. But in my car, regardless if music is on or off, I always think about music.


FL: You have a nice team of supporters. How did you build your team?

DJ FADELF: I never really built a team. It kind of happened. Before Buzz there was always people around me that believed in me or people I believed in them. Everyone around me did something. My team was more of friends and family, people that had the same mannerisms that I had. I’ve gotten all this through networking. I happen to run into Marissa King at a bowling alley with Denrick Romain, who's a part of Buzz Brand Marketing. People feed off of your persona. My team came about, it wasn't made up or anything. It came to me and at a time when it was needed.


FL: What are you most proud of?

DJ FADELF: My daughter, I'm very proud of her. I’m proud of not settling and knowing what I want because I could of done a couple of other things to further my career by now that just wouldn't be me. I'm proud of who I’ve become throughout the years, building my character.


FL: What do you want the things about you to say about yourself?

DJ FADELF: A man of his word, a man of great character, a man of humility. A man that is giving, talented, versatile, and open mind.


FL: Some of your tweets mention giving back. Are you planning on giving back to the community?

DJ FADELF: Yes. I'd like to teach. Not personally, but through foundations. Something like Steve Harvey’s program. Boys need more programs like that.


FL: How do you feel about the impact that the new advances in audio software have had on DJ's?

DJ FADELF: I think it's extremely amazing. Before Serato, I was literally up to 15 crates.  I needed a team to help me load and unload my music. By now I'd have about 50 crates. People used to ask why I'd bring so many crates. I was the guy that would hate not to have a record. I hated when people came up to me and asked for a song and I didn't have it. I heard that twice and told myself I would never leave without a record.


FL: What have these advances done to DJ's?

DJ FADELF: I think’ its's pacifying a lot of DJ’s. I wish that a lot of DJ’s started on vinyl before they started on computer, because  they would know what it really takes to get to where you are.  A lot of DJ’s don’t even use the turn tables with Serato, they just push buttons. And a lot of those type of guys are getting a lot of work. Not because they're hot, but because they know the promoter or club owner.  It’s kind of making the DJ less valuable to a certain extent. As to where I don't need a DJ. Someone can just press play, or if I need a mix, then someone can just put it on a computer. The whole idea of DJing was the art of it. These programs are great, I love where we're going with them, but with the same token it bothers me when DJ's that haven't experienced certain things think they know it all. I've seen when some of these software programs shut down and these guys didn't know what to do.



To learn more about DJ Fadelf:  visit djfadelf.com

Ghislaine Leon