Mashonda, Love & The Rebound

I am currently on week 5 of the WEEN Academy. Yesterday we had the wonderful opportunity to welcome singer and songwriter Mashonda as our professor . Such a beautiful woman IN and OUT. For those that don't know Mashonda, her featured vocal performances include Eve's songs "Gotta Man" and "Love Is Blind"; Jay-Z's "Girl's Best Friend"; Mýa's "The Best of Me"; and Cassidy's "Get No Better".  Nothing but classics. The class had a deep conversation about loyalty and relationships. She shared her story, her career and her current place in life. A lot of my WEEN sisters shared their experiences in love, relationships and friendships. We're a diverse group of young women and yet have experienced so many similar things. I won't get into all those details.

Love and friendship is a very important topic for women, and ONLY women understand. It's not meant for men to feel the same nor understand it all. One of those lady codes. There really is something special about a girl raised by an older woman. Like myself, Mashonda was raised by her grandmother. Grandma's are natural givers and their offspring usually inherit that trait, among other old soul qualities. I really identified with a lot of her values, and I saw a piece of my spirit in her. Listening to her stressing the value of self-loyalty placed a lot of things into perspective when it comes to love. Especially in this industry. A woman has to remain grounded to her journey. It is very easy to lose focus because of love. I pledge allegiance to be loyal to myself before I'm loyal to a man or even a friend.

Mashonda shared a lot of things with my WEEN sisters and myself.  One of the things that she said and that I'd like to share with you all is rebounding. Picking one self up after feeling like the world is going to crash into you, digging yourself out of a dark tunnel and learning how to love yourself all over again after forgiving yourself. I think a lot of us have been there. Next time I go through a situation that marks a change of path I'll reference this guideline to move forward.

-Fearless Leon


Rethink your strategy.

Explore various options afterwards.

Be able to change directions.

Open your eyes and ears to new opportunities.

Understand that life is full of success and setbacks.

Never give up on yourself.

Dive into your next adventure.


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