Organic Success

Have you tried entrepreneurship yet? If you haven't, then you really don't understand the importance of a good team. 2011 has really taught me the value and significance of T.E.A.M. Together Each Accomplishes More. No, really though. As much as someone can try to be superman or wonder woman, it doesn't breakdown to a one person show. Never. Finding the right team for you, whether it's for work, school projects, or a sport is one of the hardest things in today's age.  So many start up businesses fail because of the wrong match.

One of my favorite online designer retailers Gilt Groupe was successful because  they found the right team members early. Two of their founders happened to be a part of their target market. These ladies understood what the consumers wanted and disliked. The addition to having this insider information made their team that much stronger because of the dynamic that was built in. Their consumer profiles started from in house representatives and not a fictitious individual. For this reason, they were able to grow faster and in an organic way. The above video briefly highlights the Gilt Groupe's CEO's selection process for his team.

When starting your own business and searching for the right teammates, keep in mind your target demographic. If your teammates can reflect that, then you're already winning. These people will be the drivers behind your strategic branding, planning, company values and service.


Ghislaine LeonComment