Tough Cookie: Shakas!


This is the sexiest blast from the past that I've seen ALL year. nOir Jewelry is the designer of this nostalgic bracelet called Shaka. I remember making these in elementary school and junior high. Every around the way girl had one either in her bag or attached to her keychain. Needless to say, the Shaka reminds me of school playgrounds where most girls were either jumping rope, playing freeze tag, or weaving lanyard keychains. They were a symbol of female camaraderie, as young girls would often exchange them as a token of loyalty and friendship.

I remember going to novelty stores to buy the strings of lanyard plastic, I'd carefully select the colors to assure that the pattern would look ill. When I first saw this bracelet it evoked so many beautiful memories of myself as a kid. I was like WHOA! No way? Why didn't I think of this? A great practical approach to connecting ones past with present trends and making it a business. The shaka bracelet is the perfect urban twist in fashion. I'm so glad to see something that was merely a social arts and crafts project revisit social culture as a chic accessory.

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