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I recently learned how much I love writing. Prior to this summer, I never viewed myself as a writer. For the most part I wrote when I needed to.  School papers, projects for organizations, and my journal. Then the idea for me to have a blog popped up. Not because I wanted to call myself a blogger, but because I wanted to have a space of my own where I could share my thoughts.  As I've continued to learn more about myself, I've noticed that I like to study business strategies and write about them. I love to do research, decode, and then educate myself on the topics . One of the things that WEEN helped me realize, was my desire to compile my own list of case studies. During undergrad I read a lot of Harvard Business Review case studies, all on different aspects of business. Those readings really open up a fire for ambition. If you're studying business, have future plans of starting your own business or simply would like to understand how big companies have been able to execute their strategies, then I suggest you pick up a case study soon. A lot of things that you see from day to day will click. I've also realized the importance of writing. It's a portable tool that you can take with you to many places. I wish I had felt this way in college, but everyone learns and grows at different intervals. If I were to leave this earth tomorrow, I have my writing that will stay behind and speak for my mind and soul. I've had a diary since I was in elementary school. I have about 4 of them that I've kept. From time to time I open one of them up just to listen to the girl that I was then. It's really good to go back to your writing from when you were a kid. The act itself is a bit therapeutic as it visits all your places of growth and allows you think about the future goals that you'd like to work on.


Humbly yours,

Fearless Leon

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