Runway Crashers

Some people take extreme measures to get into places. They will do what they have to do JUST to be around celebrities, stars, and as many call it, "the lights". I was working the  press guest list at the "Boy Meets Girl" fashion show at Avenue this past Sunday night. I had a mob of party crashers try to get in the whole night. They would come and go and each had a story to go along with their acting scene. One person had a printed email that he created himself lying about confirmation to the show. The email said that it was from the designer, but totally had a email that was not even related to the the "Boy Meets Girl" team. A few folks even lied and said that they were the +1 of guests who were standing in line and who they had never met before.  The funniest of them all was this specific guy was flashing his passport saying that he came from the other side of the globe to support his friend that was modeling. It was so comical. He kept saying how his passport was stamped from all places around the globe. He became so aggressive that after being rejected numerous times, his speech became condescending to the ears of the staff at the door. We had to call to the attention of the security guards. It's pretty sad how far some people go to blend in. What's the point of living a fantasy for a few hours? I mean it's great and all to fulfill your fantasies, but to lie, and act like you're someone that you're not? Nah, not cool man. Regardless of how I feel, party crashers (in this case runway crashers) are always going to exist.


How To Tell If The Guest Is A Party Crasher:

  1. They are usually by themselves
  2. They constantly look at their phones
  3. They are very aggressive
  4. They are eager to blend in
  5. They have sunglasses on and it's the evening
  6. They have negative energy


Ghislaine LeonComment