A Beautiful Special

Have you been too tired to even think about how you are spending this last month? Is it a struggle to get out of the bed in the morning? Do you not want to think about what to wear? Do you close your eyes for those heavenly extra 5 minutes? Do you rationalize on a lie that’s going to get you to sleep longer? Do your weekends feel like weekdays? And do you hate the end of Sunday nights? I had familiar feelings this Saturday morning, but something great inside of me pushed me to wake up, get dressed and still make a special event. HelloBeautiful.com held its first annul "Women In The Workplace" workshop at their Interactive One offices in New York City. It was refreshing, eye opening, positive, stimulating and informative. This was the best discussion of female leaders that I had attended all year. I mean, it didn’t get any realer than our discussions. Different women from various industries spoke in one four panels. It almost felt like I was at a conference for a day as every hour introduced a new topic, new discussions, and new feelings. The audience stripped the panelists down to the nitty gritty on how they handle issues in business, starting their own projects and getting paid in this troubled economy.

What was most valuable to me was meeting women that changed career paths at 35 and beyond, and that embraced the true fearless persona that it takes to make anything happen. From being a boss of their own, to leading corporate departments, the women that I heard made certain that they found a solution for every experience. S/O o Bevy Smith, Simone Smalls, Demetria Lucas, Lily Himmelsbach, Jana Taylor, Tiffany Hawkins, Shante Bacon, Danielle Robinson, Blake Scotland and the rest of the women who dropped jewels.



Ghislaine LeonComment