By: Pearl

Humans are constantly struggling with “letting go.” As social beings we navigate this world by using past successes and failures to pave our new experiences. We are constantly working to prove others and ourselves how fearless and determined we are; but we often find ourselves in a constant battle with letting go.  Whether it is letting go of a relationship with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or with a spouse that has proven to be broken; a friendship that is constantly causing you anger and pain; or even letting go of feelings of resentment, bitterness and anger. Why  do we continue to hold on to people or feelings that are only hurting us and hampering our growth? Is it because we can’t fathom the thought of failure or is it because we are scared of change?

I am sure we can all recall a situation where letting go was the hardest decision we made, but once you ended that relationship or liberated yourself from those feelings, you realized that it was the best decision you could’ve taken.

We need to start taking charge of our feelings! We need to remain in control of our actions and decisions. I am not saying to be on the defense and believe that people are out to get you. Protect yourself from situations that are tampering your emotions and actions. Soothe your soul with positive emotions; surround yourself with positive individuals, that respect and care about you. Take part in activities that make you happy, and bring peace to your soul.

From personal experience, I find yoga to be a healing activity. Getting in tune with my breath, listening to the slightest whisper, and learning to stream away negative thoughts is always my way of regaining control. Yoga might not be the answer for you, but if you enjoy long walks, jogging, painting, writing, or even cooking/baking; go back to those things and bring back the much needed peace. It is when you are at your most peaceful and stable mind-set where you will find the answers you have been searching for. Don’t punish or become cruel with the self when you can’t find the answer or regain immediate control. It takes time, but you always find your way.

We always know when a situation is not right, so don’t continue to fight it.  If it doesn’t feel right, then it’s not right. Let go and gain control!


Ghislaine LeonComment