This was an email that I received from a good friend, the other day. She's in her last semester of undergrad I can relate to her daily musings. It really made my day to see and hear someone empowered and it made me reflect on some of the fears that I'm still overcoming. She reminds me of those places in my heart and soul that I don't visit often but that I have such a profound relationship with. She's a dancer, actress, singer, and a TV/Radio personality. Take THAT! Read her email and watch the video. "Lately, I've been thinking about utilizing all of my talents.  The truth is, one of my biggest fears has always been to sing in front of people and while I was watching a live broadcast from my church at home online, my pastor reminded me that the spirit of fear does not come from God.  Any talent, gift, or desire we have was given to us by Him, so why would He not want us use it? You ever feel like you were meant to hear something?  That sermon came right when I needed it.  As many of us are graduating in May (WOO!!!) and entering new chapters of our lives, it is important that we live with NO FEAR!  We should run towards our fears because within them, our destiny may lie.  When I posted this video, my stomach was full of butterflies, I was so scared to think about what people would think.  I decided not to let my fears affect the things I want to do anymore.  I hope you all do the same with your dreams and aspirations, just sending a little inspiration your way.  No Fear This Year ladies!"


If you believe in your power, if you believe in God, and if you believe in the universe then you should try to live with less fear by the day. Fearless Leon is who I claimed to become last year. I'm still working on it as is Gia and there is nothing that one who desires can't do while we are in this physical space. It's over when we transition to the other side, and even then I'm sure that I'll be working on something.



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