Yesterday I received the daily newsletter from LittlePinkBook.com. The message was very powerful as I was having a conversation about the same exact topic earlier that day. I've heard once that God sends us messages in two's and this email was my second reminder. Read on!  

Is Power Unladylike? Would you describe yourself as a “powerful woman?” What does that mean, anyway? Power is defined as “the ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.”

New research from Braithwaite Innovation Group blames the lack of women in leadership on women’s misuse and misunderstanding of power. Many think of power as an “I win, you lose” scenario or believe using it is unladylike, says Jane Perdue, one of the research conductors. This limited perception of power inhibits women at work. So, what to do about it?

Avoiding traps like “being afraid of what other people will think or say and taking things personally” will help, says Perdue. She recommends shaking the power stigma by changing your mindset and going for “Queen” vs. “Miss Congeniality.”

“Be your own PR agent,” Perdue adds. The next time you have a team meeting or a one-on-one with the boss, “grab 30 seconds of insane courage and talk about your accomplishments so people know your capabilities.”

Studies show women are promoted based on proven performance, so talking about the projects you’ve completed and successes you’ve had puts you on the radar for promotion.

Power is taken, not given. You can take authority over your career by making goals known and actively asking for more responsibility – especially when the boss is overloaded.

Speaking assertively by ditching tail-end questions and vague add-ins will also promote a powerful image.

By: Julia Turner
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