Ambition. Some have it, others don't. Some have too little, and some have too much of it. Regardless of your career goals, everyone should hold a bit of ambition. However, ambition is one of those things that can easily get misconstrued. When left uncontrolled, people may read your ambition as something negative. From my perspective, it's the "what's in it for me?" thoughts that can either drive you go in a positive direction, or in a dead end.

Ambitious people see opportunities in everything that they see, and sometimes thinking so much about our careers can make us self-absorbed individuals. And while this one of the best qualities that a person can have, you can make mistakes while you're ambitious. Like everything else, own those mistakes.

I recently went through a situation that taught me that ambitious moves vary from industry to industry. Certain things can work with a specific kind of people and/or a specific market but not for all. I've learned not to group markets and to study the politics behind industries and people carefully. Because like I said "ambition is one of those things that can easily get misconstrued".

Ghislaine LeonComment