As Near As My Heartbeat

Growing up my prayer of choice was always "Our Father". I didn't really have a choice since I was raised in a Catholic home and went to Catholic Sunday School. When I read the piece of literature that I am sharing with you below I connected with it immediately. I came across this prayer while I was doing research on Yoruban culture as an undergraduate student. I initially became really interested in Yoruban culture after I started breaking down some of the terms that are used in afro caribbean music, more specifically Palos from the Dominican Republic, Yambu and Columbia fro Cuba and Bomba from Puerto Rico. Today, it's subliminally a part of my life.  This prayer was the start of a spiritual relationship for me, and today one of my souls most dearing pieces of writing.


Oludumare, oh Divine One.

I give thanks to you,

the one who is as near as my heartbeat,

and more anticipated than my next breath.

Let your wisdom become one with this vessel

 as I lift my voice in thanks for your love.

Whenever I feel fearful, or have something BIG to think about I recite this prayer to myself for strength, light, and guidance. I encourage you all to find a peace of writing that can stir the kind of mental power that this prayer does for me.

Fearless Leon

Ghislaine LeonComment