Top 7 Meditation Apps

 If you enjoy meditating, or are looking to learn more about the act of meditation, there are many resources to help guide you through the practice. Here's a look at some of the top meditation apps, their key features, and how to get them for your device. 1. Simply Being—Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Presence ($0.99)

This iPhone, iPad, and Android app guides both beginner and experienced meditators through meditation sessions that can be as short as five minutes or as long as twenty. Users have the option of listening to the instructions with or without background music or nature sounds. With Simply Being, you'll take a guided meditation, which will help you relax more deeply and experience the moment.

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2. Meditation Helper Pro ($4.99)

If you're already a regular meditator, your quiet reverie will benefit greatly through the use of Meditation Helper Pro. This is a meditation timer app that includes a widget to help remind and motivate you to meditate. The timer allows you to set targeted goals for how long you'll meditate each day, and shows you how many days you've hit the target.

You can try the app for free, but would be sacrificing the ability to have your data backed up on a regular basis.

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3. Buddhist Meditation Trainer (FREE)

This widely used meditation training app is perfect for the beginning meditator. It includes 10 levels of enlightenment, and includes a deeper and deeper message upon which to meditate at each new level.

Start off by meditating for just five minute each day, and after 10 days you'll automatically move to the next level. Included is the ability to set your own "end of session" alarm, to gently bring you out of your deep contemplation. Daily reminders help motivate you to move through the 10 levels.

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4. Daily Asatru ($1.99)

One of the most interesting meditation apps available anywhere, the Daily Asatru, offers meditators a new stanza every day from the Havamal and Voluspa poems, billed as the greatest poems in heathenry for heathens.

Heathens, also known as Pagans, date back to ancient Rome and Greece, and their wisdom, stories, and poetry have gained prominence and importance of the centuries. The daily stanzas offer meditators the ability to actually memorize the poems in their entirety, one stanza at a time. This unique app is sure to please your adventurous intellect.

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5. Meditation ($0.99)

This accurately named iOS app (iPhone and iPad) app brings the purpose of fundamental Buddhist meditation to your mobile device. Explore your inner self as you strive to transform your mind through relaxation.

This app will help reduce your stress and anxiety, help create inner peace, and even assist in better sleep. Enjoy more than 70 sounds that you can combine or play alone and can save for playback at a later date. It also allows users to integrate their iTunes music libraries for use while meditating.

Mediation is a full-feature app that comes with a wide range of customizable features.

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6. Happiness—A Guided Meditation ($2.99)

This simple app for iPhones and iPads is a guided meditation designed to help improve your mood and overall outlook on life. The app includes awesome visuals, interactive ambient music, and more than 15 minutes of content written by a professional hypnotist. This app includes two separate relaxation methods to start each session.

Happiness lets you integrate music from your iTunes music library.

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7. Mind (FREE)

Mind is a free meditation app designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices from Apple. This simple timer allows users to simply drag the timer to the desired number of minutes. There are virtually no settings and the app remembers your last timer, using it as the default time for your next session.

This is a simple and elegant app for meditators who can get lost inside their own thoughts.

iOS App:

No matter your skill level, or even the mobile device you use, you can find a meditation app perfectly suited for the way you live your life and exactly how you prefer to meditate.

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