by: Morgan Taylor Jones

How do you illuminate yourself in a room full of stars? So often we find ourselves struggling to discover our inner light and how to make it shine vividly in a room full of beaming personalities. What makes me different? What makes me special? These questions reign strong in a mind full of doubt. Because we are known to be our own worst critics, we unfortunately highlight our personal flaws before acknowledging our positive characteristics. Rather than focusing so deeply on what we do not like about ourselves, it becomes important to focus on the positive things that set us apart from the rest. The world constantly compares us to others; why not create our own powerful image of ourselves?

We all have a certain trait that makes us different, makes us unique. While some may seem to have greater traits, it still becomes important for us to identify the qualities within ourselves that make us special. Comparing ourselves to others is easy. It’s easy to compare ourselves to someone else and identify their strengths before identifying our own.  Searching within ourselves is difficult. It’s difficult to see the true greatness that lies within us because we are so focused on noticing our weaknesses. So the challenge then lies in placing ourselves on the high, positive pedestal we place others on.

Identify your fears and learn to conquer them. Being honest with ourselves in this way can be challenging. Identifying fears forces us to be vulnerable and to focus on the negative qualities within ourselves that we so often try to avoid. It also allows us to recognize what’s inside of us that is holding us back from being all that we are capable of and more. Once we learn to honestly identify and conquer our fears, then we can truly be liberated.

Don’t think. Just do. This is easier said than done but is a trait that we all must learn to defeat. If we learn to just do things without over thinking and analyzing them, it will aid in the cracking (and then breaking) of our insecurity shell. When we just do things freely and uninhibitedly, and try new endeavors without question, we open ourselves up to the limitless possibilities of the world. This helps us delve into discovering the true meaning and purpose of our lives.

We all have a special light within us. Our own actions, decisions, and thoughts determine how bright we allow it to shine. No need to continue to dim our lights. We’ve all been created for a special purpose. And it is our duty to fulfill it.

Morgan Taylor Jones is a writer, singer, and model. Born and raised in the south, her heart has always yearned for the city of lights, in which she currently resides. She has great enthusiasm for all things entertainment and a deep passion for music. Her motto - Love. Life. Music. 

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