How to Turn a Bad Date into a Good Date

That guy who you met online was so cute, and he seemed great while you were messaging one another. However, you are finally out on your first date with each other, and things are not going well at all. How can you turn the tune of this date around? Change Your Course of Action Maybe it's not that the two of you don't have chemistry, but it's that the setting around you is totally boring. If you're both into the dance scene but you're at a slow club that could do it. Ask your date if he'd like to check out the new bar that you just heard about or if he'd like to give bowling a try. Simply mixing up the vibe can shake things up.

Stopping the Interview Is your date going like this: "What do you do?" "I'm a nurse. What do you do?" "I'm a teacher. Where did you go to school?" "Columbia. Where did you go?" If that's how the conversation is, you need to put a stop to it immediately. The next time you're asked a question, elaborate on the response. Tell him where you have taught and what your favorite part of teaching is. Tell a particularly funny story from your first teaching days. Just make sure you don't take over the conversation. Once you stop sounding as though you're interviewing him for a job, the date can start to really turn around.

Try Something New Of course, as a couple; you haven't gone on any adventures yet if it's your first date. However, you can still try something new. Say that you've never had a particular dish on the menu before because you've always been a little wary of it. Make this the night you try it. The anticipation and the outcome can give you something new about which to speak. If you've been out on a few dates before, try to liven things up. Don't go to the same old restaurant you've eaten at every night, or try a new flavor of ice cream on your stroll around town.

Know When To Let Go Sometimes, dates are just not meant to be. Nothing you can do will turn one of these duds into a positive experience. You have two choices here. You can just suck it up and let the date takes its course, or you can call it an early night. You can say that you need to get home, or, if you're really blunt, just tell the person that you aren't feeling any chemistry.

When you're having a rotten time on a date and are ready to give up, just give it a few more tries before you say goodbye for good.

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