What's chronic, repetitive or inflamed in your inner or outer life? One of my favorite bloggers and inspirations behind my "Fearless Leon" brand is Danielle Laporte. Her blog is amazing.  It always transfers such positive energy, and allows my mind to travel to places that I've previously never explored.

On her site, Danielle has a feature called the "Burning Question Series" that I follow and her last "Burning Question" was about inflammation. After answering the question herself, she invites her readers to do the same on their own sites or on Facebook. As Danielle says, "Questions are doorways that lead to higher consciousness." Here's my shot!

 What's chronic, repetitive or inflamed in your inner or outer life?

In my outer life, my muscles are consistently inflamed due to the lactic acid that does not leave me alone. I need to start working out 4 days a week like I used to.

When I think of the term chronic, I think about my family and the generations behind me whom I'm afraid will get sucked into "the system". I'm concerned that there won't be other young girls or boys in my family who will mature to have the same ambition I had as a teen, and that they won't aspire to grow outside of their broken down communities. These thoughts go through my mind everyday.

My chronic inner conditions are...

-I don't like for my other half to make careless mistakes. I hold that person to such high standards that being let down by their mistakes makes me feel like one day those small, poor decisions will turn into something bigger.

-I'm a perfectionist. Sometimes that turns me to a micro manager; and when that happens, boy, I can be annoying.

-Comparing myself to others. I measure the time it takes for others to achieve their goals and I harp on myself for not being as fast.

-Patience and Anxiety- I have to constantly remind myself that Rome wasn't built in a day.

Only through self awareness can we work on the things that are inflaming us internally and externally. The faster you understand that, the easier it will be for you to transform into the person you desire to become. Danielle LaPorte reminds us to search from within and Fearless Leon reminds us to be real with ourselves.

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