(from Reserve power: the extra amount of juice (value) left unused once you've delivered on your promise.  It’s a concept popularized by Dale Carnegie as relating to public speaking, but it can apply to almost any situation where value is being delivered.

As I mentioned in a previous post, life is not efficient.  You never get 100% of what you deserve or have earned through your hard work. Which means reserve power is something that should be baked into everything you do since you’ll need a little (maybe a lot) more than is apparent to reach a breakthrough.

To develop it you need to dig deep into your practice, not just skim the surface. You have to acquire 10x the amount of substance you’re looking to use. Don’t let them see you sweat.

Your audience has to know that you have more left in the tank if you were to choose to give it.  They have to know that you’re not redlining yet, they WANT to believe that you have so much more to offer in the future.

Because this is really what you’re providing them, hope that not necessarily today, but someday soon they’ll see something greater than they've ever seen before.

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