Everyone has a different road to success. For some it’s a straight short road, unpaved and difficult to gain speed on.  You can see the finish line but at this pace it feels like you’ll never get there. But for some it’s a long winding super speedway full of dangerous hairpin turns that oftentimes have you facing in the opposite direction at 100mph just to get through to the next dangerous curve. You can’t slow down otherwise you’ll never make it through to the end. And if you stop for a second you’ll forget what general direction you were headed in.

I don’t know which one I prefer. Both are equally exhausting. Emotionally and physically.  But I bet we would all want to trade for the other road if given the chance.

Don’t trade.  Learn to either admire the scenery of the short dirt road or the thrill of the long speedway.  Once you’re at the finish line you might not get another lap.

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