Protecting Your Time


timeBy: Alex Cespedes A friend recently told me that they admire how I value and take control of my own time. I don't spend time on things that aren't valuable to me and I refuse to get bullied into them. It took a lot of work to get to this point but I'm glad I've reached a good place with it now. Value for your time is a BIG piece of asking for more from life. If you can't stand up for the sanctity of your precious time then life and other people won't respect your demands when when you ask.

Without commanding respect for your time how will you cultivate the guts to demand fair pay for your services? Or for that promotion you deserve? Or for seed money to start that business? Time is one of the few things in life that you can't buy more of, all you can manage is not spending it on activities that are worthless to you.

If you deeply value helping a good friend then why are you leaving them out to dry while you do favors for another colleague who doesn't see/respect the sacrifice you're making? How will you accomplish your personal greatness if you don't protect the time to do the work? Impossible is what I say. By the same token, respect the time of others' who respect their own time. A straightforward NO creates more goodwill and appreciation than it destroys. And it makes a true YES that much sweeter.

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