Coffee Skin With A Little Extra Milk

As a race, us Latinas are extremely exotic in appearance and diverse in features. Island skin, Indian nose and lips, African hair with European bodies; not particularly in that order, but we have a random mix of features from different origins. I've grown up in a world where we have been isolated from our vanilla counterparts and yet we're not dark enough to be with the chocolate crew. As mixed women coming from black and white backgrounds, where do us as Mulattos fit?
A lot of us grew up upset, isolated and utterly confused. Walking down the street and having people stop to ask where are you from because they simply cannot put their finger on it. Well, neither could we. Embracing your culture takes time, patience and passionate love for yourself and the foundation that you came from.
It blows my mind when I meet butter pecan Puerto-Ricans with ginger hair, blonde Dominicans with green eyes or Cubans who look like a chief of a tribe. Do not get me started on the blending of our hispanic cultures by our promiscuous and passionate ancestors leaving Oreo babies all over the place. The next time you get asked where you're from, remember that everyone likes their coffee with a little extra milk in it.