Hair Dye Alternative: Cinnamon/Canela


Ladies, stop putting peroxide and other dangerous chemicals in your hair and indulge in a sinful life in cinnamon. Are you tired of weekly deep conditioning from dying your hair banana blonde? Have you gone absolutely hopeless for a healthier alternative to dying your hair just to keep your burgundy blood red hair?

The answer to your woes my fine friends, is cinnamon.


Who knew that these sassy bundles of sticks would give you the color you desire? Cinnamon holds a natural peroxide that is known to lighten hair. With frequent application(about two to three times), the color will change dramatically. Even one application will give you about two shades lighter and red tints. For blondes, it will be a strawberry blond.

Mix cinnamon and water into a paste and distribute evenly throughout your hair. Place a bag over your head to avoid the dripping loveliness all over your skin. Four to six hours will do, but leave overnight for best results. Using honey or olive oil will boost results in a lighter color.


A cheaper and healthier alternative for hair dye! The hardest part is washing out the cinnamon, it sticks heavily onto your hair and scalp. You might have to shampoo twice or more just to fully rinse it out but it will leave your hair conditioned in all things lovely. The smell of heaven will stay on your hair for two days and I will be behind you for 48 hours sniffing you like a creep.