Open City: An Ode To The Cultural Capital of NYC


tumblr_mmwmabZThX1r4uok7o1_500"New York has 8 million stories, these are some of them', says Queens, N.Y. Director and Screenwriter, AV Rockwell about her short film series Open CityCurated in the form of a mixtape, Open City is a collection of short films written, shot, and directed by A.V. Rockwell. As New York City enters a new era, this ode to the cultural capital touches on a few of the eight million stories that give it life.  Showcasing the joy, pain, and challenges of living within New York's inner-city, Open City, exemplifies the reasons why we call New York City the concrete jungle.

tumblr_mpdc2iwF8v1r4uok7o1_r4_500I recently met AV at a show at the Converse store in Soho, NYC. Instantly I knew there was something interesting about her. In true stalker form, I googled her and came across her projects. After watching just one of her clips to Open City, I felt drawn to her passion, her vision and her mission.  Her work is raw and organic, just how I like to be inspired. AV started working on Open City about a year ago and her team is working on taking the series to the next level; delivering the Open City mixtape in physical form, submitting the series to film festivals, and overall growing the awareness of this guerilla form of storytelling.

The Open City team is currently fundraising to fulfill this beautiful vision. I support this idea and donated to their IndiGogo campaign (ends Aug. 29th).  Watch the Open City shorts and see why you should support this too.



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