Holy Steezus: Varsity Jackets


A Fall must-have for the city girl. Some of us have considered joining the football team, getting tackled and brutally beaten just for the letterman jacket. Now all women's clothing stores have this jacket on display and thankfully no women were hurt during the process. (Unless you saw your boyfriend's jacket on some random girl, she may be in critical condition.) 38751353__99858_zoom

Let's face it, varsity jackets are dope. High-waist jeans, chunky platform booties, a crisp white tee and a varsity jacket. I opt for the multi-pocketed cargo pants with this jacket but that's just my inner tomboy speaking. Sporty, playful and fresh in a hazy, nostalgic way. Kind of reminds you of high school football games in the Fall, standing in the noisy crowd with a hot cup of cocoa. Either way, if you don't have one of these bad boys for the Fall, you may be lacking in steeze.



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