Just For Kicks: P.Y.N.K. Berri Inc. Giving Back To The Community


If there is one thing New York is ultimately famous for, it's for the urban runway on the streets. DSC_0224 copy

But aside from stunting and showing off, these sneaker heads came together to give back to the community. P.Y.N.K. Berri Inc. had a "Back to School Sneaker Drive" for kids in the city who are less fortunate so they can stunt too. Katra Lounge in the Lower East Side of Manhattan was popping with eye-candy kicks and one free drink on the house of any choice. (*Ahem*) With so many sneakers collected and shoved in one room, I could barely fit into the space to snap a full-fledged photo.

DSC_0202 copy

DSC_0198 copy

The swag in there was surrrr-ious.

DSC_0214 copy

I'm talking retro Jay's, dunks,90's runners and I batted my eyelashes to a shorty wearing Nike wedges. Enough sneakers in there to make Foot Locker look bad. It's always great to see New York supporting the younger generation and giving a helping hand when it is needed most.

With all the flyness in there, I can't help but wonder...is there a sneaker drive for college kids? I'm just saying.