Swagga Right: Hip-Hop Honeys


  Sweatpants, bamboo earrings and retro Jordan's. A classic Hip-Hop style that was popular back in the late 90's and early 2000's has come back in 2013's "anything-goes" fashion era.



This style of wardrobe is influenced by West Indian culture including pieces like heavy gold jewelry, colorful head gear and printed scarfs. This look originated in poverty stricken, urban communities populated by Caribbean Americans and Hispanic/Latina Americans. The Guineans, West Indians, Jamaican gyals brought in the patterns and funk. The Puerto-Ricans, Colombians, Dominicans came with the heavy gold accessories  topping it off with American brand name footwear such as Nike and Jordan. The fly-est gear caught the most attention. New-York styled, this look clashes colorful sneakers and baggy pants from the swagger associated with Hip-Hop. Girls who wear snapbacks and fitteds? So Hip-Hop. meres_girl_fitted_cap

Music artist M.I.A. is well-known for her Caribbean-Indian inspired wardrobe and flashy pieces.



Here's some Jenny from the block.


The whole idea here is something loose, something tight. Tight shirt and loose pants or tight pants and loose shirt. Heavy boots, colorful sneakers and exaggerated earrings. Strange mix between B-Girl and Chonga.




So if you don't look like you're gonna break out into some serious dance moves, spray paint over walls of government buildings, DJ at your boy's house party, spit some crazy bars or stunt down the Bronx or East Harlem, you ain't doing it right.

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