Sweet Escape: Camille Safiya and Frankie P. Release "Island Blues: The Sonic Memoirs"


1One of my favorite rising souls, Camille Safiya released her EP "Island Blues: The Sonic Memoirs" this week. Solely produced by Frankie P. (you may have heard his work with A$AP Ferg, Onyx, B-Real, Audubon, and Bodega Bamz), "Island Blues" is a sultry ride with a psychedelic twist that takes me back to sounds of Amy Winehouse and Erykah Badu. When you listen to Camille, you know she's singing from a deep place. The EP starts with "Black Jaguar", a sexy love story where she declares her love and pride for her King aka her Black Jaguar. She says "So much grace and loyalty, Papi you look like royalty", it's probably every mans fantasy to hear these words escape their ladies lips. In "Telepathy" she compares the intergalactic relationship of the galaxies with her connection to a man. We all know this feeling too well, its magical, its invigorating, shit its like a drug. The electric guitar on this track sends me love signals (mission accomplished Frankie P). Camille's heavy influence from reggae culture is evident in "Island Gyal". The Spanglish track is a reminder of the new generation of Latino Caribbean Americans, who aren't just defined by the sounds of our own background. The sounds of our neighboring islands too play a part in our growth, our style and our cultural interests. I'm certainly one of these which is why I can relate to Camille so much. The background vocal chatter in middle of "Island Gyal" remind me of the beginning of "Bubble Like Soup"  when Ward 21 says "fat 'till it buff, 'till it buff, 'till it, 'till it buff ".

Kick back, unwind, pour yourself a glass of wine and indugle in "Island Blues". You'll thank me later. Download the EP here: http://theislandblues.com/


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