VIDEO: For The Independent College Woman


by: Ousman Diallo

My infatuation with the female physique is quite unique. I'm an obsessed loser simply after they speak, call me a freak. This poem is for college women everywhere. Seeking that higher-education, intellect on a higher elevation and especially to the ones that smoke weed for that higher sensation. This is for you. You walking through campus with your head in your books, sweatpants and no make-up cause it ain't about looks. Striving to get smarter, girl I would play every position on your team, even be your coach carter.

See its your cerebral disposition thats got my body twitching, I haven't fallen yet, but I damn sure am slipping, I guess I'm just trippin'. Different degrees, to me, do whatever you please. And when we graduate ill be the Bachelor and you can be Master. And girl if you fallin' I promise I'll catch ya. But I'm sorry. For every moment my gender has broken a piece of your soul and claimed it as their own. Two majors, one minor, three exams, four quizzes, eight assignments, five syllabi, and damn you still fly.

You deal with so much sometimes its hard to keep yours eyes dry. But you are beautiful, fuck the 9-5 cubicle, your thinking CEO. You have an MBA in my soul and a PH.D in me. So you can have my heart. I can't talk about you without stuttering 'cause I don't know where to start. I have to study before I speak because you're way too smart. I want to walk up to you, but I'm afraid you'll reject me. So I try to be an asshole in the hope that you'll respect me. Us men have a complex that counters our confidence. We objectify women 'cause of our lack of consciousness.

What I'm trying to say is: Our dick is in the way so we can't see consequence of our actions. And don't worry good women find good men it's the law of attraction. So when a man disses you take it as his attempt to get with you. So thats for all the football players, basketball players, jock, frat guys, dudes that refuse to get a clue. Your miss independant and they've got it misconstrued. You are Woman so let them hear you scream, do it on the quad and let off all your steam. All your frustration. Do it so loud they put you on probation. And after that you ace all your classes and go party on the weekend.

One piece suit, two more shots, three girlfriends, and four drunk guys begging for some action. Fuck bad dates, fuck bad guys, fuck shitty days, and fuck bad lies. Fuck him for standing you up, baby you shut it down. Thirsty thursdays. Freaky fridays. Svedka saturdays. Hangover sundays. And back to class on Monday this is how you do it, and how you've done it. 4 am studying and only a bagel in her stomach. This is the life of the independent college woman.

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