Mother Goddess: a poem by Elizabeth Rivera de Garcia

Illustration by: Arriane Zager

Last weekend I traveled to the Rosedale area of the Bronx for my Tio Richards baby shower. He and his life partner of nearly 10 years Jazmin, are being blessed with another babygirl. Jazmin's friend, neighbor and poet Elizabeth Rivera de Garcia wrote a beautiful poem that she shared at the babyshower that brought tears to my eyes. I share with you this beautiful piece that inspired me to continue to nurture this Leona that is growing inside of me.

Mother Goddess

Mother Goddess, you are birther to our nation's Your reign has far exceeded Master's plantations Freedom is in your womb

Your uterus should have it's own flag When your belly is ripe your hips swish with that Mother Goddess swag You are Queen Mother and your beauty radiates You are round and full The mysteries of creation form constellations in your eyes You glow with a supernatural light

The raising of children in this world is your sacred fight against hatred, envy and maliciousness I pray for God to give you strength and for the sake of love put up a steady resistance I pray you will have your village in which to raise your children Mother Goddess you are loved and for your nurturing soul I hope you never forget this This ode to you, this poem for you, this prayer on your behalf for Mother Goddess to be loved and cherished by her King, to be protected by her village, for the world to be peopled by all of her beautiful children.

IMG_79236517190779Photo by: Tyrone Z. McCants of Zire Photography