Nu Art: The Feminine Introspect Recap


Last week a group of fire blazing women introduced The Feminine Introspect to Harlem. Curated by female visual artists, "The Feminine Introspect” is a celebration of creative women coming together to set new meaning to sisterhood. Moreover, its a look into the unique essence that creates each woman’s personal vision and a showcase of the beauty created when one examines their own thoughts or feelings as a W O M A N! This celebration was carried out by 10 female artists with 10 different visions at 2647 Harlem. The exhibition included work by Alexandria Neason, Camille Safiya, Dana Barrios, Gillian Wach, Sunny Cheeba, Steph Silky, Sabrina Ahmed, Sonsira Espinal, Armelis, Tanya Lavache and Leomarlis Bojos.

I love creative women who have a message to share with the world. There aren't enough organizations bringing creative women together in New York City and seeing this come to life was a breath of fresh air and a reminder that there's lots of other women out there who share the same light.  Take a look at the instagram” recap below and follow Leo Bojos @KScopevision for future shows.

Watch the video below to learn more about the women behind The Feminine Introspect:

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