Spiritual Girl In A Material World


I've been following Gabrielle Bernstein for some time. But this morning's email pinched a piece of my soul that I had to repost. Just last night I was at a friends place talking to a group of women about spirituality, and what did I have on? Stilettos, a leotard, and my fur vest. I'm glad that Gabrielle knows exactly who we are. There's isn't a specific way that you're supposed to look to be spiritual. It's innate, its beyond the superficial, even if you see me wear designer brands, or follow trends. In this video she talks about how we can be spiritual without giving up things like fabulous shoes or other material goods. "I believe that if you're on a spiritual path you're always heading toward your authentic truth. When we accept that truth we're called to express it through what we wear and how we present ourselves."  ! For her free guided meditations visit www.gabbyb.tv

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