In life we have many dualities and most things that we interact with are split into two categories, or two extremes. Good vs. Evil. Conservative vs. Liberal. Winner vs. Loser. Pass vs. Fail. The list goes on and on. In Christianity, our classic thought of duality is the notion of the separation of God and man; and in Taoism it's the ying and the yang. Today, many of us look to the ying and yang (yin=darkness, receiving, softness; yan= light giving, forcefulness) to understand relationships, cycles and balance. The older I get, the more I feel the need to understand the dualities that are around me and those that simply just come with being a part of this physical world.

Some of the dualities that we experience in this life are:

  • Day/Night
  • Waking/Sleeping
  • Sorrow/Joy
  • Past/Future
  • The Ocean/The Shore
  • Movement/Stillness
  • Black/White

These dualities all have a back and forth relationship, similar to a call and response, and one cannot exist without the other. We also don't really know where one ends and where one begins. The truth is that duality/balance is not about giving both sides equal share. It's about understanding the nature of the duality, understanding where each is coming from. It's merging the viewpoints of the other side while attaining unity in your thoughts.

Duality is a testimony, it's exchanges, its partnerships. It's the way that the universe decided that this world should function. What if there was another world that worked on ideas based on 3 relationships and not 2? Sounds a lot more complicated already.

Although my spirit is one thing, and my body is another, the summation of the two is  ONE.  One is the other. The other is one. Wholeness.


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