Holy Steezus: Doc Martens


Only the cool kids wear Docs. Just ask Daria and Jane Lane. 11704769060579343541.jpeg___1_500_1_500_cb94de6a_


(90's show, Daria)

Doc Martens were first developed in 1945 for army men in Germany. Becoming popular in the 80's and 90's for punk rockers and grunge heads, it has settled its mark as timeless as of 2009. Even Time magazine has made a post about these historical shoes. I love these boots. They are so hardcore, edgy and unimaginably comfortable. Nicki Minaj and her team of chicks were parading in them in her hit music video, "Super Bass."


I always recommend these boots to people because although they may be a bit pricey, they will last you a lifetime. My big chunky docs have been through treacherous storms, icy floors, all-night partying and all unimaginable levels of hell. Doc Martens are cute in skirts, skinny jeans, sweats and just about anything else...maybe nude. I love my babies, if I had to travel the entire world with just one pair of shoes, it would be these bad boys. Docs are non-conforming, outlandish and have a tough appeal to them. You could stomp out a giant with these. So the next time you open your closet, make sure the Doc is in.