Lucky Thirteen


There's been something in the air within the greater Latino artist community of New York City. From the pop up stores, to the fundraising drives--I love what's happening amongst my people; especially those who are challenging our peers and pushing our messages beyond our means. Maybe our mixed Gods finally decided to work with each other. But if you live under a rock you might now know that there's a new set of rules and an enhanced playground, and guess what, we 'bout it. There's lots of power in the influence of underground artists. That's exactly what Whitney Coss and Keren Bennaim will bring forth on December 13th at the Ivy House Studio in Brooklyn. As artists themselves, they felt the responsibility to bring about a stage to highlight the diverse forms of art in our community. From spoken word poets, visual artists, and singers, to photographers, special fx gangsters, among others, XIII will be a cosmic force. Participating artists will get to sell their work to the sweet benefit of Autism Speaks. How's that for being thankful?

Roll call.

Meet the faces behind the creative souls of XIII:

photo 1

Frankie Reese - Poet/Writer

photo 3Sasha Acevedo - Artist/Designer

photo 4Whitney Coss - Celebrity Make-Up Artist

photo 5Keren Bennaim - Special FX Artist

photo 1 (1)

Ricardo "Skip" Perez - Painter

photo 3 (1)

Gabriela Luna - Fashion Designer

photo 4 (1)TJ Buttner - Artist

photo 5 (1)

George "SEN One" Morillo - Fine Artist

photo 1

Ivan Jines - Graphic Artist

photo 2Jack Winthrop-Painter

photo 3Ivana Mena - Singer

photo 2Maxine Ashley - Singer

photo 1Grizz "7eventh Lettr" - Photographer

Click here to get to know each of these artists indivually.

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