Rally To Make The Dream Act Into A Reality


Imagine living your entire life in one area, adopting the language, culture and ways of the people around you and one day find out that you are not legally entitled to anything. You can't go to college nor get a decent job although you've gone to the same high school as all of your friends and know everything there is to know about America, from Jay-Z to McDonalds. This is the life of an immigrant. In a multi-cultural area like Jersey City, immigrants are scattered all over the city from Egyptians, Mexicans, Africans and I recently met a classmate who was an immigrant from France. A student had walked from Peru with his family. This past Friday, Jersey City students had started a rally to support the Dream Act. IMG_0192 copy


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Undocumented immigrants are paying out-of-state tuition to attend college. Anyone who wants an education, definitely deserves it. I am sure we all know a few people that hate school, go to school to socialize and treat higher learning as if it was some sort of suffering. Press and media had flown in to cover this event from the Jersey Journal to Univision's WADO 1280 AM.To stand outside in the freezing cold demanding attention from the higher-ups in turn to make the world a better place for the people around us is more than heart and compassion, it is a sacrifice. Can't wait to see the Dream Act unfold into a reality.

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