Poetic Justice: Red Cups and Loose Cigarettes


Bottles of alcohol and I'm down to fall in love Momentary bliss, a solitary kiss there's nothing I'm thinking of,

That's better than this very moment.

Wait... that's the liquor talking.

I walked in sober now I'm outside barely walking!

I'm coughing but that's the bougie that holds me down when I'm so lonely.

The loose-y used me, I say this loosely cause it takes two bees to hear a buzz.

I said I was in love but I don't know man I was drunk

...I don't know man I was done...

One moment was too fun next thing I was too gone...

What was it that I'm on?

Cut me down on a Newport in front of Newport mall,

Henny red cups got me slouching on the wall.

Best feeling in the world I could've sworn I had it all

Then I wake up with no wallet and a dozen missed phone calls.

Henny red cups got me slouching on the  couch,

There's a cut right near my mouth, so what's this all about?

Screaming out ouch! There's a new bruise on my leg that I felt when walking out.

Light another cigarette, I know I'm just too ignorant.

But there is liquor in my system and I'm licking on my fingertips.

I'm thinking of grabbing another cup to probably fill it up.

I'm not giving up

Give me something light.

Lighter than the first few sips into the night.

Cause I'm drinking and thinking very heavy.

The devil inside of me is letting me get so wavy

Far from being heavenly, but hopefully heaven sees that

This red cup is holding pain and the liquid's an excuse.

99 Bananas + Bacardi 150 proof

Oops i meant 151 I'm just so done...

There is so much smoke inside this room

I can't even see the blunts.

A black hearted child, puffin this black and mild,

The people are whack but wild.

I'm not sober or in denial but this Henny red cup got me leaning on the table

I'm still able get up and pour myself some more Black Label.

Henny red cups got me laying on the floor,

I'll buy a bougie off your boy please!!!!

I want just one more.


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