Perfectly Dateless!


The funny thing about weddings is that, despite the focus on the bride and groom, you somehow always end up thinking about yourself. Whether you catch the bride’s bouquet and start fantasizing about your own future husband, or you’re among the many squealing participants who fails to make contact, and you subsequently start mulling over your seemingly dismal options, you can’t help but turn the lens in on yourself.

When Nate announced he would not be able to make it to my sister’s wedding on December 28th, I was a bit disappointed, to say the least. When my other sister announced she would be getting married on December 30th, and it dawned on me that I would officially be dateless for both of my sisters’ weddings now, I became downright depressed.

Though Nate and I have been in a healthy, loving relationship for the past two years, I was suddenly cast as the old spinster. Every other member of the bridal party at the first wedding will be bringing date, as will every guest attending the second one. I’m still looking forward to both weddings, of course; I know the ceremonies will be beautiful, the toasts will be entertaining and the alcohol will be flowing. I will not, however, have anyone to dance with. Or to take back to my hotel room, stumbling, after the reception has died down, and I’ve reclaimed the four-inch heels I tossed under a table several hours prior.

My sister-the first bride-has been encouraging me to bring another date to her wedding, a good friend of mine, perhaps. But to be honest, I think that would just make me miss Nate more. He did offer to join us on my laptop, though, and said he’d actually quite enjoy video chatting with the entire reception; he even offered to send along a body pillow outfitted in a tux for the computer to rest on.

I was not amused.

My family, however, was. To claim wedding planning is stressful would be an understatement, but when I mentioned Nate’s offer, it’s as if the tension was suddenly lifted. Everyone started laughing and joking about how I could introduce him to my grandparents, order him a steak and a beer and get down with my virtual dance partner on the dance floor.

Not. Funny.

I think I’d rather be the old spinster. Although… Come to think of it… that could be quite entertaining. And I have been wanting him to meet my grandmother for a while now.

Okay. Maybe it’s a little funny.

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