Girl in the Shadows: Dasani’s Homeless Life


p1-povJ_670Before every fearless female there’s a fearless girl, and 11-year-old Dasani is one fearless lady. Andrea Elliott, an investigative reporter for the New York Times, recently published an incredibly in-depth piece on homelessness in Brooklyn that centered around Dasani and her family. It’s divided into five separate parts for easy reading, and it’s most definitely worth a read. When asked what she would do if she could change one thing, Dasani—who doesn’t have very many toys of her own—said that she would find children whose parents couldn’t afford it and give them presents with money from her own pocket. The article, titled ‘Invisible Child,’ can be found  here and includes many surprising statistics regarding New York City homelessness.

They say a good journalist comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable. If this piece causes you to pause and think the next time you’re strolling through Brooklyn to your favorite cupcake shop, I’d say Elliott did her job.


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