It's Mine I Spend It: 7 Tips On How To Keep Your Grass Greener


1377721449_tumblr_m084y3qKZw1rom9flo1_500Every time that paycheck arrives we get excited. Thoughts of what we're going to do with THIS check rush our minds and then we do our internal money dance (don't front you know you do). At the same moment we forgot about the things that should be of priority when it comes to our guap. We don't want to do what our parents did all of their lives. We shouldn't want to repeat the same cycle. I'm not a millionaire but I always have cushion money. Here's a quick list on things to keep in mind to keep our grass greener and meaner.

  1. Live within your means aka stop lusting so much.
  2. Maximize your income potential through education + training. There's something new in your field every 6 months. 
  3. Effectively manage your budget, credit, debt, and tax obligations. Create your own payment plan. 
  4. Save at least 10% of your income. Automate your savings and you won't even feel it. 
  5. Designate an emergency funds account. Make it the bank that you hate to visit. For me its Capital One.
  6. Understand your taxes. I'm STILL learning this so you're not alone. Tax planning strategies are a must.
  7. Don't pay your bills late, it affects your credit score. Set up reminders on your phone for debt payments the rest of the year. Just click on the monthly recurring event option. It helps. 

If you have any questions reach me on twitter @FearlessLeon.

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