The Best of Gallery 212 Miami


I would hang every single piece of art from this gallery in my apartment. Only if I was ballin' like that, le sigh.  Obama (his head is on the body of Elvis Presley) looks ready for war, while the rendition of Rick Ross's "Last Supper" reminds me of Animal Kingdom. My favorite artist from the current work in this gallery is Mashael Fal (you'll see why). Not only is she a female artist but she's from Saudi Arabia; that technically already makes her a bad ass, no? Not to mention that the women in her pieces all exude a sense of fearlessness. You can see it in the intensity of their eyes. If and when you visit Wynwood, definitely pay Gallery 212 a visit.


"Obama Gotcha" by Knowledge Bennett - Diamond-dusted Serigraph IMG_0061

Charlotte Oedele Koven - Oil on canvas


"The Passion Series" by Aaron "El Gringo" HillIMG_0070

Arabian Afro (Left), Gemini Twins (Middle) by Mashael Fal- Oil on canvas


"I Believe I Can" by Mashael Fal- Oil on CanvasIMG_0078 IMG_0079

"Egyptian Rouge" by Mashael Fal - Oil on canvasIMG_0081 IMG_0083"My Burqa" by Mashael Fal - Oil on canvas



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