Up Close & Personal: Wynwood Arts District


"This is still the hood", says my sister Nayira as we arrive to Wynwood and look for parking. We make a right, we turn left. I look around and the streets have this familiar feeling of an abandoned barrio. The street lights are adorned with electrical charges, and the poles are tagged up with graffiti and branded stickers. "I'm not downtown", says my brain as I smile. We leave the car, ready to be wooed by street art. As we walk towards the walls we can't help but to notice the messages written on the concrete sidewalks. I didn't know whether to keep looking at the floor or to look at the murals across the street. So much beautiful energy to intake at once. I was able to witness  the souls of some of the most creative human gods to walk on this Earth. From Ukraine to Brazil, there's work for everyone to relate. Enjoy the pictures as my sister and I get to know the streets that make up Miami's most up and coming community.



North 24th St.

IMG_0094Wall art-unidentified artist

IMG_0103Jam Master Jay, Tupac & Notorious B.I.G. --All died by unidentified murderers

IMG_0128 IMG_0129Futura


Kenny Scharf

IMG_0140Shephard Fairey

IMG_0159Miss Van

IMG_0171Ryan McGinness




IMG_0201Ron English


IMG_0211Maya Hayuk

IMG_0219Nunca (left)