Art Talk with SeeSantana: "ZeeBulb"


Art is the expression of life. I've been spending my time indulging and suffocating myself within the art world. Becoming a member of Queens based ArtistRunGallery, a newly-found gallery which has already attracted attention from press source NYONE, is just one of the things that I've been up to. So with that in mind, FearlessLeon will have exclusive peak previews of some of my artwork before exhibition. (The rest you have to come see.)  

This piece is called ZeeBulb.


December 2013

ZeeBulb was influenced by the biblical story of Beelzebub, who represented a demon or one of the seven princes in hell. Before you freak out, I found this character intriguing in his storyline. If you've ever read Lord of the Flies, he kind of reminds you of the pig carcass rotting on a stick. Beelzebub represents gluttony out of the deadly sins. Humankind and society feeds into the feeling of gluttony with all the consumerism and materialism. A boy can never cop too many Jordans kind-of-thing, where it becomes impulsive and obsessive. The colors in the middle represent our imagination that we seem to abandon, even if we are constantly consciously speaking with ourselves. The hand at the bottom right corner says there's a way out...if we ever come to notice it.


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