Walk In Love


by Johana Bestevez.Re-posted from her Tumblr.

One day, you’ll come across a person that’ll ruin you and simultaneously define your platform of love. That’ll be the person that you’ll look back on prior to taking the next step with someone that makes you want to take a chance, and you’ll sit there to pick on all of the details.

You’ll remember the moments when you felt like you were gasping for air, tears were running down your face uncontrollably, and you were choking on every single one of your emotions.

You’ll question why you should give a new person a chance without thinking that in doing so, you’re also making space for the opportunity to love differently.

You’ll think about how easily effort can go to waste and the challenges of compromising because you know what it’s like to feel shorted.

You’ll find yourself pacing back and forth within your memories. Then, you’ll realize that you’re battling between your innate desire to love openly and the fear of hurting again.

You’ll remember that cold winter night when you were wrapped up in the arms of someone that once made you feel secure and you’ll start to miss the comfort of enjoying the silence, but it won’t be enough to remove the doubt and I. complete get it.

A recovered addict does not want to fall for an addiction after recuperating, and how “smart” would you be to take the risk of feeling broken for a second time? Right?

Well, what if I told you that we are all broken and the one thing that makes us whole is leaping at the sight of love? would you be able to rename fear for passion and acknowledge that your doubt is really a newly found understanding of the effort that love requires?

The past has given you the ability to make new meanings by building on your experiences. Granted, you might not love like you once did, but you don’t have to. Ultimately, it’s not about falling in love, it’s about walking in it consciously.

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