Entrepreneurial Reality: Safiel Vonay & Reformed Talents


DSC_0298 copy Safiel Vonay, a well-known spoken word artist and phenomenal performer from Queens has flipped her underground scene into the upscale venues in Manhattan. I've seen Safiel at various beatnik scenes and in the art worlds in Manhattan as our souls went aflame within seconds of meeting. This young, driven and successful woman has the entrepreneurial skills of millionaire mind and brutally damn good looks with the charm to match with it. Her events draw up hundreds of hungry and artistic souls. Fashion designers hustling at their tables, indie bakeries making a killing in the kitchen, pop-up galleries from photography to installations and of course, broken souls spitting truth on the mic as the carousel spins at Reformed Talent. She has curated dozens of art shows, connected artists from the streets to the stage and artists from the corners of the Lower East Side up into a gallery. Safiel is also an advocate for the LGBT community for the youth and has changed the lives of the majority of people who have come across her path.

Tell us who you are and what do you do.

"I go by the name of Safiel Vonay. I am a spoken word artist, a rapper and a curator for art/open mic events. I write, I perform, I melt minds, I inspire, I motivate and I bring together talented people who deserve to have their passion displayed in front of others."

What or who has inspired you to be the way you are today?


"There's too many people to count. Everyone that has entered my life has been an inspiration to me in some way. Either they have helped me see the potential in myself, or they're someone who I want to be the opposite of. "

 If you can change anything about the world today?

"If I could change anything about the world it would be opening peoples minds. A lot of issues that revolve around society all over the world has to do with closed minded people. People who swear we all need to think the same and be the same. Open up a few minds and there would be less crimes wars and haters."

What made you want to start Reformed Talents?

"The funny part is that I never thought I'd be someone in charge of putting an event together. I was given the task by someone who wanted an arts event  in my community, my cousin asked me if I would be up for the task, and I agreed. It's grown tremendously since then."

Where did Reformed Talents originate?

"It started as an idea of a poetry slam. However I wanted to reach a bigger crowd, and decided to make it into an open mic. It has now grown into an all-around arts event where all forms of art congregate from painters to graffiti artists to even break dancers and dub step beat boxers."

How will your business affect the world today?

"My business will bring the Art world to a whole new level. People need various ways to express themselves, and talented individuals deserve to be on the spotlight. I'm strengthening the unity of artists and art lovers. I'm bringing different types of people together in order for them to grow a fan base, to network, collaborate, have fun and open their minds to the infinite art that surrounds us."

DSC_0289 copy

 What makes you fearless?

"I'm not fearless. I just say fuck you to my nerves and my momentary heart attacks. Throughout my years of meeting people and inspiring others, I realize that people allow fear to control their lives. People literally decide not to live or do what they like because of fear and in a way that drives me crazy. I feel like I need to show people that anything you love to do can be done. We live once, and if people are fine with living their lives with"what ifs" in their heads, then I only hope I can change as many minds as possible. I want everyone to conquer at least one fear in their lifetime, and I intend to do that through my art and events."



You better get your life and be at her next event.