Art Talk with SeeSantana


Johnny Boy

For those who are familiar with my art style, my latest Afro-Caribbean inspired piece on "Johnny Boy" has flourished not-so-happy reactions. My pieces incorporate a heavy fascination with the darker side of humanity with a morbid spiritual essence. Dark in spirituality...where only demons and unapologetic atheists troll.  Johnny Boy is not a reflection of my spirituality, it as a realization of the human world. Where beauty lies and speaks to be seen, it is distracted by our inner demons. The floral design is to soften the image before one gets too frightened. Papa Legba, a trickster archetype popular in Voodou is peering over the side of St. Micheal. A voodoo doll/stick(which is used in ritualistic ceremonies to speak to the dead) is placed transparent on the side. Another transparency is a multi-legged demon that is said to only exist in the lower levels of hell. Saint Micheal is the bold focal point of the artwork, maybe some day we will be saved.